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Immerse yourself in the world of fantastic creatures. Right at the beginning of the game, you will get powerful characters of Ninja Cats in your hands, with whom you will fight your way through all levels.

The player takes the role of a leader of a band of conquistadors. They travel from island to island, discover the geography of a planet and conquer all enemies. Intelligent Toasters, Steampunk Zombie Snails and Hippie Hypno Frogs.

This casual strategy game has a novel clay hand-made graphics as is usual for Clayburger games.

Publisher: Clayburger​

Developer: Univelon

Nyzoto: About
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"Fight for glory!"


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Feel free to write about us!
Nyzoto is unique strategy mobile game with easy gameplay and unforgettable graphic. Everything was made manually from clay.
You can find basic information about Nyzoto game and our Clayburger studio in the link below.

Nyzoto: Files

Nebojte se o nás napsat! 
Nyzoto je jedinečná strategická mobilní hra s jednoduchým ovládáním a originální grafikou. Věřte, že vše co vás během hraní potká, je ručně modelováno z plastelíny.
Na linku níže najdete základní informace o hře Nyzoto a našem studiu Clayburger.

Nyzoto: Files
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