We are small game developement studios from Prague (Czech Republic).

What's special about us? We do everything with clay...

Beautiful handmade clay graphics.

As a little bug, you are jumping over pond and trying to get to the other side.

About Us

First of all, we are passionate gamers of all sorts. We play everything from hardcore to super casual mobile games. Moreover, we feel the urge to create our own stuff.

Peter Knut

Senior dev

Peter loves his work since his teen years when he wrote the first lines of Basic code on Tesla PMD 85. It took only short time to his first Tetris-like game. He studied computer science with specialization in computer graphics. During his university studies he created his first tiny little game.

After few corporate jobs, he started a small development studio. Since then he enjoys working on mobile web sites and applications.

Luděk Wellart


He is experienced designer and loves carving out his visual ideas from clay.

Matěj Pavelka

Game design

Even though he has PhD from physics, he dug deep into entrepreneurship with startups ranging from IoT to  social shopping. 

Matěj loves his two children and game design. Both real-life and mobile games are worth it.

Roman Džačár

Sound and music

Musical performer at heart and producer with experiences in theatre, movies, and both live and electronic LP productions.


Do you have any idea, suggestion or just want to say hello? Feel free to write us.

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